The big question, what do you charge?

The answer is: It depends. Each project is different. Some of the factors that have to be considered are: What is the location of the project, city and state? Travel has to be part of the price of course. How many test kits are needed? Is the project for a multi family complex or a school? Some states require longer minimum testing periods for schools vs. an apartment complex. Adding days to the test project will add costs for hotel and food.

My goal is to offer affordable, fair priced testing for our customers. At the same time ensuring that all the protocols were set up and followed for the testing project. Then put together a proper test project report for the client. Hud and some states can be very picky when it comes to reporting the test results. The report has to reflect what took place. If they see something out of place it could result in the project having to be repeated, which is something no one wants to have happen.

Most test projects break down to around $50 per test location. I say test location because when doing a project there has to be a minimum of duplicate tests, blank tests and what is called spikes to ensure accuracy and precision of the project. If the project is quite large the price can come down a bit. If the project is smaller, say 30 to 100 test locations the price per location could be higher depending on the location (if I need to travel). I do not make any profit on traveling. As long as I break even on that I am happy.

The costs of the tests kits, lab fees, shipping, travel need to be covered of course. Then there is the cost for my services which include all the pre planning and coordination, time to travel, setting up and retrieving the test kits, and getting them shipped out. Then at the home office there is considerable time spent putting the test project report together once the lab has the results for each test kit. Finally, my goal is to try to not schedule things out too far. I know clients need their tests projects done as soon as possible. If needed I am willing to work over a weekend, because I know that will not be a normal thing. Once in awhile is OK to help a client out.

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