David’s Story

David Daniels

Hi, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is David Daniels. Married to my wife Lucy for 34 fantastic years. We have five children and live in Neenah, WI. An Air Force veteran.

I have been in the Radon business for over 20 years. First as a sales person for a local plumbing company to sell/design small commercial and residential installs/remodels. Radon training began right after. After about a year of working for the company the owners decided to only do commercial work, so I was going to be out of a job. My immediate boss told me that I should start a Radon business, because of the knowledge I had gained. Not a bad idea. I had owned another business before working there, and being a risk taker, it was not a tough decision. At the time only a few businesses in my area knew about Radon.

I started the Radon business in July, 2000 as Northeast Wisconsin Radon Specialist. After two years we changed to Radon Specialists of WI. It grew from my basement as a sole proprietor to 3 locations in Wisconsin. The business sold in August of 2019. We installed over 20,000 Radon systems and performed over 20,000 Radon tests. I have taught classes on Radon testing and mitigation across the country for many years and helped many others obtain their national certifications. Some also hired me to consult them in their business.

The last few years of the business I was a member of the AARST (American association of Radon scientists and technologists) national board as a board member, then the VP and finally the President. In addition the last five years I built spec and custom homes in the area. Seeing people walk through an open house enjoying the home was very fulfilling. Each and every home had a active (with a fan) Radon system. After selling the business there was some much needed time off.

As owner of US Commercial Radon Testing I have dedicated myself to what I consider the most important part of the whole process – testing. The Radon test needs to be as accurate as possible. The testing company needs to be unbiased. Correct information is given. Informed decisions can be made.

What you see is what you get. When you book a Radon testing project, you will only deal with me. I will be the one helping with all the logistics. Like, the pre test documentation, placing and retrieving the tests, getting them to the lab in a timely manner. After the lab reports the test results, I process the report. All the documents are carefully looked at, making sure the project is valid. The last step is to send the completed report to the client.

I am nationally certified and licensed to work in all 50 states. If you just have a question about Radon feel free to call me. If you need a speaker to give a presentation about Radon I can do that to. I’ve worked over twenty years in the Radon industry. We’re saving lives. The right information needs to be passed along.

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