Sad Day in Radon

Jay Bauder. A friend and pioneer in the Radon industry passed away. Jay Bauder. Jay had a big heart and was always more than willing to help. Years ago Jay told me I should run for an AARST board seat. That took me by surprise, but I listened. The second time I ran I won a seat. It was fun to speak with Jay about houses from heck (difficult homes to treat) or interesting customers. He always had a good story to tell when we went out as a group the few times a year I got to see him. RIP Jay, ride that hog forever.

Published by David Daniels

Married with five children. Air Force veteran. I have been in the Radon business for over 20 years. My last business, Radon Specialists of WI, was sold in August of 2019. After taking some time off I decided to start US Commercial Radon Testing. The only thing we do is Radon testing. Mainly testing multi family complexes, schools, large commercial buildings/complexes for private business, military and government customers. We are totally unbiased, meaning we only provide results. There are no hidden agenda's to try and get mitigation work. The testing is the most important part of the whole process. So, the results need to be as accurate as possible.

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